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Keyboard and Mouse

Underrated Online ResourceS To Get You Through Your Degree

               App (Phone)

This app allows you to access myCourses through your mobile device! For those 3:00 am moments of panic, you can quickly check the syllabus and all course materials without having to turn on your computer. Pulse also lets you receive course notifications on your phone, allowing you to check your grades the second they are released.

Github Student Developer Pack 
              Website Package


Just by making a Github account and registering your student information, you can get access to a bunch of useful tools for free (Canva Pro, Microsoft Azure, namecheap, DigitalOcean...). These are mostly geared towards developers, but you can find design, productivity, and security tools as well!
              App (PC/Phone)
   is a transcribing tool that turns speech into text. This is a great resource for turning lecture audio into text so that you can quickly refer to its contents later on!


Github Student Developer Pack
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