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McGill Library Guides


Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me


This is an underrated resource that has your back for any research project you will ever need to complete. The McGill librarians have compiled a list of resources for every subject, including relevant databases, primary sources, and more. You can even find course guides, containing resources tailored to each assignment in a specific course. Definitely check out these guides to make the most out of what the library has to offer.



A fantastic database filled with quantitative data. This is a great tool to add some spice to your research papers, from graphs to statistics and more. You can access Statista through the McGill Library.

Cite This For Me


This is a website that will help you with those dreaded citations. Cite This For Me keeps each of your citations in a list, making it easy to keep track later on. However, please note, this resource may not be 100% accurate. Always double-check a style guide, such as the Purdue Online Writing Lab, if you’re uncertain.


Google Drive’s citation tool
              Built-in Tool
            Google Docs



Another citation alternative is Google Drive’s built-in citation tool. Finally, you can write and cite in the same document! You can access this tool through the Tools menu at the top of your document, then navigating to citations (Tools -> Citations).



For those writing in French, BonPatron can be a helpful text editor. Similar to Grammarly, it can catch any spelling and grammatical mistakes as well as provide an explanation for why each suggestion is made. However, please be careful when you’re accepting suggestions because BonPatron (and Grammarly) does not know the context of what you’re writing about. This means that some suggestions may not be correct. If you’re in doubt, it can be helpful to check with a bescherelle (French grammar book) to be sure. 

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McGill Library Guides
Google Drive's Citation Tool
Bon Patron

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