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Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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John Nnamchi

SIMVO Founder

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Jasper Sim


Content Team

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Mai Kutsuna

VP Content

Meet our VP Content! Mai is a U1 student pursuing a major in Cultural Studies. She has a creative talent for theatre and music, as well as blogging. Another of her unique skills includes knowing how to ride the unicycle!

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Reina Habesch

Content Associate

Reina is a U2 Political Science and History major from Jordan and Canada. She loves playing sports such as rugby, swimming and running but  also knows how to kick it on the dance floor!

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Mitchell Horwood

Content Associate

Mitchell is a U2 Cultural Studies major from Hamilton, Ontario. In his free time he enjoys cross-country running, public speaking and listening to podcasts or music. He is also a karaoke wizard!

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Text Editor and Writer

Olivia Whetstone

Olivia is a U2 English Cultural Studies major, pursuing a double minor in Marketing and Communications. Some of her pastimes include baking, playing the piano, and roller skating. Olivia also hosted her own TV show when she was 13!

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Web Editor

Micaela Graiver

Micaela is a U1 Computer Science student, pursuing a minoring Philosophy. She loves to cook, travel and jump rope. She currently lives in the United States, but she's lived in three other countries including Spain, U.K and Canada!

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Web Editor

Ata Meshkani

Ata is a second year at McGill in the Faculty of Arts. He has a passion for making music, and playing instruments and enjoys playing basketball and tennis with friends. Ata also used to figure skate until the 8th grade!

Marketing Team

IMG_20200210_185637_781 - Joseph Brunete

Joseph Bruneteaux

VP Marketing 

Joseph is in U2 Management, studying Finance and Political Science. His hobbies are long distance running, playing tennis, reading and walking up Mt Royal. He is from Paris, and starting McGill was his first time being in North America!

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Tabina Xaviera

Marketing Associate

Tabina is a U2 student from Bangladesh doing a joint Honors in Finance and Economics. Some of her pastimes are reading, painting and binge watching shows.

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Crystal Wu

Marketing Associate

Crystal is a U1 Liberal Arts student pursuing a double minor in Classical Languages and International Development. She dances ballet, loves to read, write and occasionally binge watch Netflix. She even appeared on National TV when she was 16!

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Laura Voermann

First Year Representative

Laura is in her first year at McGill. She's currently undeclared from Oakville, Ontario. Her hobbies include singing, drawing, playing softball and volunteering. Laura previously lived in Australia where she once found a 6 foot snake in her house!

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